Friday, April 13, 2012

A Tithing (or, Prosperity) Gospel-M. Thompson

    In this video, the speaker is condemning people that do not tithe.  In doing this he puts the importance of tithing upon a pedestal above things that are far more important, namely: a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The main issue of this message is that the speaker entirely undermines God’s grace and no longer gives Him credit for saving men and bringing them to Him but instead gives “the power of tithing” the credit of saving the souls of lost people.
    It almost seems too generous to give this presentation the title of “counterfeit Gospel” because it really completely isn’t the gospel at all.  It makes a god out of money and tithing, creating in a sense a new religion in worshiping money and how much we can possibly possess.  This form of a gospel presentation is generally referred to as the prosperity gospel because it promises prosperity to people that come to Christ.  The name has something of a double meaning because it also leads, somehow coincidentally, to the prosperity of the pastor leading the congregation.  This presentation attacks all three legs of the stool in that it puts a condition to everything.  God will be magnified through the story… only if there is prosperity.  Jesus came to save... from hard times and being non-prosperous.  The community comes together to share the glory of God and Jesus Christ… and how rich it got them.  This sort of message and Gospel presentation is utterly false and gets in the way of potential Christ followers from hearing the real truth.

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