Friday, April 13, 2012

A Judgmentless Gospel-J. Tellers

    In this video a pastor is being interviewed on Larry King Live. The first question King puts to him is whether or not the pastor believes that salvation comes from trusting in Jesus Christ and not by the good things you do. His answer was you have to know Christ and if you know Christ you will do good works. When asked if people of other faiths would go to heaven, he said “I would be very careful with saying who or who would not go to heaven.”
    He then talks about a time he was in India and how those people believed in their “god” and their sincere so he claimed to not really know if they would be going to heaven.  When questioned by a viewer about John 14:6 the way, truth, and life he again sidesteps the question by saying he cannot know someone heart. He refused to say that atheists, Jews, or Buddhists would be wrong if they did not believe in Jesus.
The problem with his version of the gospel message is it is very obvious he will not openly say that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and that people who do not believe in Jesus will go to hell. What makes his message tricky is that he pulls several very important biblical truths into it.
His first evasion about whether it is Jesus Christ or being good that gets you into heaven is not necessarily a wrong. He says that true belief in Christ will bear fruit so you have to have both. I believe he paraphrased a section of scripture that comes from the book of James. The problem comes when in the follow question he is asks if someone believes in another god, again he is evades with the quote from Samuel that only God knows the heart.
    This pastor’s gospel could again be described at judgmentless as he would not say that Christ was the only way to heaven. Especially with this example, I found it really disappointing that the pastor did not say that Jesus is the only way to Christ. He had a national audience and was basically gift wrapped the question. With this interview it almost sounded as though that pastor would rather be considered politically correct and not saying anything controversial than to speak the truth of the gospel.

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