Friday, April 13, 2012

A Judgmentless Gospel-M. Thompson

    The first presentation I watched was entitled “The Saviour of the World” which is a gospel presentation that sets out to denounce the “true” gospel by promoting the “really” good news, that is to say, their view of what the true gospel really is.  The view held by the speakers in this video can be summed up by one word: universalism.  Wax, in his book, discusses the judgmentless gospel as one of the most popular counterfeit gospels out there.
    The speakers of this video describe the gospel, or the good news, to be that God will save everyone through his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.  They condemn Christians that hold to a belief in hell by stating that they are not saved.  They take verses in the Bible out of context to attempt to show that there is no way that a loving God could condemn anyone to Hell and they therefore say that there is no eternal state of judgment, merely a temporary “correction,” that God merely will use the Lake of Fire judgment as a refining, chastising, and merciful judgment that will result in the righteousness of all men and even fallen angels.  This presentation found in “The Saviour of the World” lines up with the description given by Wax of “judgmentless” and impairs the gospel in a number of ways. 
    The Gospel as Wax describes it is a three-legged stool.  The three legs are the story, or the background of how God will be magnified, the announcement, or the story of Jesus Christ, and the community, or the overarching affect of the church sharing the gospel.  The story aspect is altered because restoration is now only about God’s love and not his justice or judgment.  The announcement portion is compromised because Christ’s death is no longer a sacrifice given to free men from God’s wrath; it’s merely to help defeat man’s enemies such as sin and death.  Finally the community of the Gospel is affected by the blurred line between the church and the rest of the world.  The presentation given in this video is entirely counterfeit in that it appeals to so many as “truth” but really is unbiblical and harmful to the truth of the real Gospel.

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