Sunday, April 15, 2012

Entire Gospel Elimination?-M. Williams

    A particular sermon contained a presentation of the gospel concerned greatly with the love of God. The pastor begins his presentation by explaining that neither Heaven nor Hell is a real place. Heaven is more like the qualities of justice and love in the world while Hell is the greed and hateful qualities. We as Christians work towards a better tomorrow where Heaven qualities exist in people without any Hell qualities. This upcoming place will be what Jesus kept referring to as His new age, and this new age will be where the good qualities will be embody all people. Anyone can join this new age and be a part of “Heaven”. Jesus in the pastor’s message is one who is in all places of creation, and even if a community is worshipping a god of a different name they still may be worshipping Jesus and may be able to reach “Heaven”.
    The first false gospel presented an unknowable god and a Heaven anyone can join. The story of who God is becomes hard to understand since everyone on the planet could be worshipping a different god. The announcement of Jesus coming to earth and dying on the cross for man’s sins becomes irrelevant because there is no Hell. God in the Bible had Jesus die on the cross because man sinned, and man needed Jesus’s blood on the cross to avoid Hell. To eliminate the reason Jesus came is also to eliminate the community of Christians talking about the sacrifice on the cross since there was no need for the sacrifice.

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