Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missing Much Data-E. Stanton

    One example of presenting only part of the gospel can be found at this link. This short clip talks about the relationship between faith, works, and salvation. It uses a math equation to discuss the controversy of salvation by faith, salvation by works, or salvation by both. Throughout the clip things are added or subtracted from the equation to show you that salvation is truly by faith. The clip enforces the idea that works are not needed for salvation, but they do show the world that we have the love of Christ in us.  In the end, the conclusion is that we are saved by faith alone, but the faith which saves is never alone.
    This clip was great in describing the false teaching that salvation is by works, but it missed many major points. Yes, salvation is by faith, but they never said faith in what. There are so many different options that could be filled in behind the word faith. This message is unclear as to what your faith needs to be placed in to obtain salvation. Although this video was completely correct in stating that if we are saved we need to be known by our fruit, hence our works, it was completely lacking in the gospel presentation. The gospel and salvation are more than just having faith, or going a step further and having faith in God alone. The gospel is knowing that God created us in His image, we are fallen creatures filled with sin, we deserve an eternity in hell because of this sin, God sent His son to earth in human form, Jesus took our payment on the cross by shedding his blood for us, and we need to believe on Him in order to be saved. This presentation completely skipped over the God, man, Christ, response aspects of the gospel. This clip would be good for believers who are wondering if they need to do good works after they are saved or for people who think that salvation is only achieved by doing good works. However, for a person who is completely lost and looking for salvation, this clip explaining that salvation is by faith just isn’t sufficient to bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. If the clip would have expounded more on the person in whom we need to have faith in, it would have been much more useful in explaining the plan of salvation.

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