Sunday, April 15, 2012

A "No Consequence to Sin" Gospel-M. Williams

    Another gospel presentation found at  talks about God’s love, yet this sermon does not talk about Heaven and Hell as the previous pastor did. When man sins, he is not supposed to spend too much time on the failure because God is a loving Father. Our Heavenly Father is like our earthly father in the sense that God loves us no matter what we do wrong. We humans are His special children who are of the utmost importance to Him, and when we sin He is more concerned about loving us than punishing us.
    This pastor also seems to present a gospel devoid of any real consequence of sin. This pastor embraces the fact that God forgives but spends very little time on the consequences of sin in the gospel story or community. The entire message is filled of instances where man is put on this big pedestal stating how special humanity is to God and how He will always regard us with unconditional grace, yet the message never included how mankind does not deserve this forgiveness. Part of the gospel is the recognition of a sin problem that mankind must be forgiven. The whole reason Jesus came was to solve this problem. The gospel constantly bolstering the specialness of humans minimizes this reason and does not help the ongoing spiritual health of Christians or Christian communities. By realizing people do not deserve forgiveness because sin is so horrible, sin becomes an undesirable action when forgiveness is achieved. The community of Christians cannot become better Christians or learn the greatness of Christ without first spending some time actually realizing how Christ saved such undeserving and rebellious children.

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