Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Judgmentless Gospel-E. Oberholzer

    Is there really a hell? Would God really send anyone to such a place? The answer given in this video is a definite no! In this video, the gospel is presented with the belief that ALL of humanity, with no exceptions, will be saved because of Jesus’ sacrificial death. Because Jesus is the savior of the entire earth, all humanity will be saved and an eternal hell is unnecessary and does not exist.
    The first point made by this message is that Jesus is the Savior of the whole universe (I Timothy 4:10). Because of this universal salvation belief, this video presents a judgmentless gospel. The presentation in this video insists that God will save everyone in the end because Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient for all the sins of creation. This announcement sounds like great news, and it certainly removes an unpleasant barrier and fear of judgment from Christianity. The speaker insists that, while all are originally spiritually dead in Adam, everyone will be made alive in Jesus. Notice however, there is no mention of the rebirth in spirit that is necessary for people to come alive in Christ. Jesus says to Nicodemus in John 3 that unless a man is reborn, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Without repenting from sin, believing in Jesus Christ, and being spiritually reborn, man cannot be freed from the dark stain and condition of sin that exists in his spirit. Jesus has certainly made the necessary sacrifice for the world to be saved; however, those who wish to be saved must be reborn into His Spirit to receive this gift made possible by Jesus’ incredible sacrifice.
    The speaker also insists that Hell is unbiblical and unnecessary. The speaker noted that humans detest torture of all kinds and asked how sincere Christians could believe that a loving, caring God would even create and send people to hell for eternal punishment. While the message mentioned mankind’s disgust of torture, it did not address mankind’s love of and need for justice. Humans have this need for justice because they were created in the likeness of a perfectly just God. Also, those who claim an eternal hell does not exist must ignore many Scripture passages such as Matthew 25:46, II Thessalonians 1:9, and Revelation 20:10. If Jesus’ death and resurrection indeed automatically freed man from sin without the need to be reborn, then no one would suffer eternal punishment. However, there will be justice in the end of time; while reborn Christians will receive the reward bought for them by Jesus, those who have not believed, repented, and accepted this gift, will experience the just wrath of God.
    This universal, judgmentless gospel is quite attractive. This presentation secures mankind’s final destiny, removes any barriers of offense from Christianity, and does not force humans to acknowledge the evil within them. However, this presentation of the gospel ignores many Scripture passages and its conclusions are derived from fewer, individual verses. Jesus Christ is indeed the Savior of the world because he provided a way for His beloved creation to be restored. But, if humans are to be set free from their evilness and be pardoned from the just punishment of God, they must first be reborn into His Spirit.

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